Clothing Donation Services

We are utterly dedicated to helping those in our community as well as our enviroment.


Our purpose is to help thousands of people who are in need of help. When you donate clothes, you won’t only be helping those who can’t afford clothing, but you’ll also be changing lives. Our goal is to create an impact on the community and a better environment.


Food, water and having a roof over your head are crucial necessities. However, we often forget that clothes are as much of a necessity. There are millions of people who cannot afford to buy new and/or used clothes.
That’s where we come in…

Why Donate

There are many people in need of usable clothing. There are underprivileged individuals, families and children in need of clothing,and your donations can help.You can declutter your home and at the same time help those in need. It’s better for the environment, and you will feel great!

CDS Intro

 Our Company

Clothing Donation Services (CDS) has partnered with Strengthen Our Sisters, to help raise funds through the collection of used clothing and household items. The funds generated provide much needed finances to allow the organization to continue their program to aid and assist domestic violence victims under the care of (SOS).

One of the unique offerings provided by (CDS) is to conduct a “Clothing Fund Drive Program” to support and raise funds for local community groups. Working together in the community with grammar schools, high schools, sports teams, Boys/Girls Scout troops, cheerleading squads and PTA groups among others. We are able to generate much needed finances to any and all groups that are in need. Our company finds new and creative ways to maximize their fundraising and meet their goals.

Through our collection and recycling of household goods, we’re not only able to help our fellow friends in need, but also create a better community and greener environment for all.

Help Us, Help Others!

Clothing Donation Services LLC (CDS) is committed to helping the environment and community. Learn More.
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